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From Thessaloniki to Tel Aviv

Last summer was the first time Greece National team of lacrosse participated in World Championship of lacrosse. Finally after two years of training and hard work it was my time to feel the competitive level of lacrosse in Netanya’s World Championship. Be part of this team the only feeling I could have inside me was pride but also anxiety because of the tough players we were going to face, players who were parts of great teams with experience and passion. Our only disadvantage was that we hadn’t met before but with orderliness and good practice we reached the desired result. Nevertheless, our team was ready to compete for a good place in the tournament. From the first moment, we landed at Israel’s airport we were thinking of our every single game. There was no time for fear or cowardice, it was our time to fight for our country and we did so. Even though, the teams which we were facing were becoming stronger and stronger determined to write history but stay modest. There were moments when we were really suffering from fatigue and injuries, especially me, but our coach encouragement and our strong will were our weapons so as to continue. For almost ten days we were playing exhausting games, aiming at vindicating the Greek presence in this tournament. Of course, when you have such a big goal there are many times when you have to overcome the hindrances, we faced unfairness and misfortune but Greece Lacrosse team consisted of players who stood together against all the challenges and difficulties. Under no circumstances should anyone say that the Greek National fight had a failed, gratuitous or undignified participation after having gained the 19th place from 45 teams that participated in this World championship. Now the Greek team is getting ready for the next big challenge…….

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